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Nitto's history is synonymous with the history of distribution and logistical strategy.

In September of 1926, a company by the name Nitto Transportation Co., Ltd. was founded as a limited partnership so that it can conduct business in Kobe and Osaka, primarily as a shipping agency and providing port transport. In March of 1943, Nitto was reborn as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd., and has since expanded the scope of its operations from Osaka, Kobe and Tokyo, to include Mizushima, Shikoku and Nagoya, its growth paralleling that of regional economies.

September, 1926 Kyokuto Kaiun Shokai and Asahigumi formed a limited partnership and founded Nitto Unyu limited partnership company headquartered in Kobe with branches in Kawaguchi and Chikko in Osaka. As a shipping agency, it handled about a dozen shipping routes, collecting and sorting, shipping business by barge as well as loading cargo and other auxiliary work for Kawasaki Kisen, Toyo Kisen Kabushiki Kaisha, and several other shippers. Nitto's work helped cement Kobe and Osaka ports' status in the port transport industry.
December, 1942 Due to a government ordinance, the port transport business was among those that were forcibly consolidated into a one-port, one-company system. As a result, most of Nitto's employees, its shipping and various other related facilities were absorbed by a port transport company for the two ports combined, and Nitto was dissolved.
March, 1943 The ordinance, however, made an exception to shipping agencies. Taking advantage of this exception and with the full subsidization from Kawasaki Kisen, Nitto Transportation Co., Ltd. re-emerged with great success as a shipping agent representing Kawasaki Kisen, Toyo Kisen K.K., Hinode Kisen K.K., Nittetsu Kisen K.K. and others, and as a cargo collection and sorting agent for Manshu Kaiun K.K., which at the time was able to operate due to its exclusion from the ordinance.
November, 1951 Nitto began tugboat?operations. Vehicles shortly after the time started to land transport business in Mizushima
Vehicles shortly after the time started to land transport business in Mizushima
April, 1962 Nitto opened its Mizushima Branch in Mizushima in Kurashiki, and took on product and raw material transport for Kawasaki Steel Corp.'s Mizushima plant. It also began operations as a shipping agent in Mizushima port.
December, 1967 With full container assignments for Kawasaki Kisen, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd., Japan Line, Yamashita-Shinnihon Steamship Co.,Ltd. to the North American Pacific Coast, the four shipping companies joined forces with Mitsui-Soko Co., Ltd., The Sumitomo Warehouse Co.,Ltd., and Kamigumi Co.,Ltd.to form the join venture, Kobe Container Terminal Kabushiki Kaisha, which became the first in the industry to handle full container and its affiliated businesses in Kobe port.
March, 1973 The Port Island Terminal opened at the Kobe Port Island L-2, allowing the company to begin operating its cargo sorting storage shed with a liner berth (area: 18,000 square meters, building area: 5,400 square meters) Kawasaki Kisen's exclusive usage of the Nanko C-3 berth at Sumiyoshi-ku in Osaka for its full container vessels launches Nitto's operation of this berth.
April, 1982 Operation of the C-12 Terminal on Port Island in Chuo-ku, Kobe, began. Nitto started operations in the Port of Kobe container terminal for Kawasaki Kisen.
September, 1992 Operations began at the newly constructed Tamashima distribution warehouse. First ship after the earthquake, "Seto Bridge"
First ship after the earthquake, "Seto Bridge"
January, 1995 The Great Hanshin Earthquake caused extensive damage to Nitto's facilities.
November, 1997 The new Chukyo Sales Office and the Nagoya sales office opened. They began operations August?1998.
April, 1999 On the cusp of the 21st century, Nitto changed its name to Nitto Total Logistics, Ltd., demonstrating its future goal of becoming an integrated distribution enterprise.
August, 2001 The headquarter was transferred to Port Island in Kobe.
December, 2002 The Nanko Distribution Center No. 2 Warehouse opened in the Nanko District of Osaka, and began operations.
April, 2004 Operations were transferred from Rokko Island C-3 Terminal to the C-4 terminal.
November, 2006 Received an ISO14001 certification, an internationally certified environmental management system. Osaka Distribution Center
Osaka Distribution Center
December, 2007 The Osaka Distribution Center opened in the Nanko District of Osaka and began operations.
March, 2013 The book "Nitto's 70-Year History Distribution" was published to celebrate the company's 70th anniversary.
July, 2015 Nitto merged Kokusai Logistics Co.,Ltd.
December, 2015 Acquired certification of AEO certified customs broker from Kobe Customs.