Shipping Agents

We offer assistance at the Ports of Hanshin,
Nagoya and Mizushima to ensure a safe and
smooth entry/departure.

We provide a wide range of services to make sure vessels enter and depart the ports of
Hanshin, Nagoya and Mizushima safely and smoothly.
From handling application procedures to relevant government offices to arranging for piloting,
towing and line handling work, our services cover all types of vessels, including container ships,
car carriers, bulk carriers, and passenger boats.
Furthermore, at the Port of Mizushima, we keep track of the movements of all outgoing vessels
that enter JFE Steel Corporation's West Japan Works at Kurashiki area.


Nitto was founded in 1943 primarily as a shipping agent. It has grown since into a reputable establishment with an impeccable record that dates back more than 70 years.

We help support a variety of ships: transport vessels such as containers ships, car carriers and bulk carriers, in addition to passenger vessels.