Fowarding/Customs Clearance

Our team of experts with extensive knowledge
about food and plant inspections and
other types of regulations,
navigates our customers
through Import/Export Customs Clearance.

Knowledge about products and customs regulations is indispensable when handling customs
clearance procedures.
At Nitto, experienced staff work under the support of a fully-prepared system to handle
both export and import cargo at Hanshin and Mizushima ports, and help advise customers
through the customs-clearance process.
We also perform food and plant inspections, in addition to other required procedures,
so that we can take care of all the import/export work.

Service Field


Sea Freight Sales

As part of "K" Line Group's network, we are proactive about delivering a comprehensive logistics service. We operate business and sales activities for export/import cargo handled at both Mizushima and Hanshin ports. This is just part of our meticulous service to meet the needs of our customers.

Import/Export Customs Clearance

Import/export customs

Our specialized and experienced professionals guide our customers thoroughly and yet swiftly through the customs clearance process. For customers who are considering food imports, professionals who are knowledgeable about the Food Sanitation Act will be at hand. We strive to improve our services every day to make our customers happy.