Marketing and Sales Group

We'll propose total logistic services
tailored to customers' needs.

Marketing and sales Group works in partnership with our customers in shaping the future of logistics.

What we do

Here are examples of Nitto's services:

Case.01"Looking for a port warehouse"

-We are here to help-

We have 5 warehouses in Kobe, Osaka, and Mizushima ports. In Kobe and Osaka, we rely on our proprietary warehouse system for tight cargo control, with trained staff taking care of important cargo under the "Safety First" motto.
In addition to import/export, we work with our affiliates to deliver optimal logistical solutions, whether they involve storing or transporting domestic.
We can also take care of packing and cargo sorting.

Case.02"Ship various cargo overseas"

-We are here to help-

We were approached by a customer about exporting steel plate coils. After customs clearance, we took the cargo's dimensions and weight, used the appropriate shoring device to secure the cargo inside the container and completed the steel plate coils' sea transport. For cargo that don't fit into containers, we can use specialized containers, or if long or oversized, we can use break bulk vessels; in other words, we can take full advantage of the resources within our group companies to handle the cargo's entire trip overseas.

Case.03"Export huge plants"

-We are here to help-

Based on in-depth consultations between our customers and our professional staff, the cargo will be picked up at the factory and transported by land with the use of a specialized vehicle, or transported by a coaster or barge, go through customs and onto a floating crane vessel which will be used to load the cargo onto an ocean vessel to head toward its export destination.
We work with our group companies and subcontractors to provide the optimal mode of transport for oversized domestic cargo.

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